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A Night to Remember with Trefethen

June 29, 2010 by  
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A good friend turned me on to Trefethen wines last year when he sent me home with 2 bottles of their Oak Knoll District Merlot. When I cracked the first bottle, I quickly realized that the second bottle wasn’t going to survive the night. I was an instant fan, so when the opportunity arose to host a […]

Music to my Palate

April 28, 2010 by  
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Inspired by (@nectarwine on Twitter and ) Link to original post… When I read Josh’s post on pairing wine with Rock-n-Roll, I thought it was a brilliant idea. He was actually inspired as well. See his blog for more details on that. My own feelings of inspiration got me thinking, as I […]

Getting Screwed

April 6, 2010 by  
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I cradle a bottle of one of my favorite Australian Shiraz and begin to slowly pour. As the deep purple hue of this juicy wine swirls into the bottom of the glass, the guest seated at the wine bar in front of me hesitantly says, “I must admit I am a little offended that you […]

Cheap Wine Discoveries

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Wine Exploration on a Budget Crazy about wine? Or do you just like a bottle with dinner now and then? Either way, we are all looking for a good value. Not everyone has an amazing wine cellar at home to pick from when the wine mood strikes. Most of us are hitting our local grocery […]