Friday, September 20, 2019


So many of my childhood memories that I seem to recall the most were in the kitchen or gathered around the dining room table. Cooking dinner was always a family affair. My brother and sister and I would help slice vegetables, brown the meat, stir the sauce and of course lick bowls or spoons that were left coated with batter of any kind. My mother often handed us a recipe and we were responsible for creating that dish or making those cookies. Our parents also never dumbed down our food because we were kids. They introduced to us to diverse flavors and styles of cuisine, which we happily consumed in the hopes for seconds. Many of my parents’ recipes had been passed down from grandmothers and aunts and friends of the family. My grandmother lived with us for awhile when I was little and she was a treasure trove of ingredients and dishes that were all in her head. Coming home from school was the best part of the day and the smells emanating through the top of the dutch door in the kitchen would beckon us from a block away. I still use many of these family recipes, beautifully preserved in a cookbook that my mother made for me several years ago.

As much as my parents loved food, they also appreciated good wine and good spirits, and always in good company. I have so many vivid memories of parties my parents threw or attended where I was surrounded by intriguing conversation amidst the din of clinking wine glasses and highballs. We were always allowed to sample a small sip of wine or some exotic cocktail, but never too much. Even when we would visit my Uncle Tookie in Pennsylvania we were allowed to try a taste of his new homemade wine or peach brandy, alongside a plate of his latest mystery meal. He loved making us guess what he was serving. My parents and my entire family unwittingly planted the seeds that would grow into the passion I have today for food, wine and all good libations, especially when shared with friends.

This passion is why I run a wine bar where I work with a talented Chef and amazing team, and why I spend my free time enjoying and writing about my experiences with wine and food and the company that I share them with. I do not consider myself an expert. I think of myself more as hopelessly devoted to the things I love, which also include a wonderful family, the love of my life, two dogs, two cats, a rabbit, a snake and a rat! My life is full of reasons to celebrate and share, so I hope you enjoy being a part of that.

I’m also a Senior Staff Writer for AquaCabana Magazine, the world’s first 100% waterproof and tree free magazine published by Aqua C Green Publishing.