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Sweet Dreams: Two Hands “For Love or Money”

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I admit it. I have an outrageous sweet tooth. No matter how I may protest, mumbling things about watching my weight and being healthy, I am incapable of resisting the temptation of something sweet. I dream about cakes, cookies, pastries, tarts and all things sugary. Interestingly enough, it is rare that I enjoy a sweet wine, unless I am savoring a nice glass of Port after a beautiful meal. Then once in awhile, along comes a liquid dessert for which I fall head over heels.

Case in point would be Two Hands 2006 Cane Cut Semillon entitled For Love or Money. This Barossa Valley, Australia late harvest wine gets your attention right away with its cheeky label, but it is the wine itself that really woos you. The golden color catches your eye as aromas of honeysuckle and tropical fruit tickle your nose. I love the smell of honeysuckle. It is one of those smells that transports me to my childhood, living in North Carolina, where you could find it everywhere. My entire schoolyard, when I was in elementary school, was surrounded by a wall of honeysuckle. I remember spending hours pulling out the delicate center of the flowers and tasting the sweet single drop of juice. Those were simple carefree times.

So of course For Love or Money had me at the first sniff. Then I took a sip. Concentrated flavors of ripe peach, honey, apricot, orange zest and spice left my mouth watering. The wine was lush and sensual with just the right sweetness. This is a wine that you will not share. Lucky for me, I was alone, so I took my time enjoying this delicious nectar, pairing it with an array of artisan cheeses. I delighted in the lingering finish and waited for each sip to fade before I took another. The smell of honeysuckle kept me strolling down memory lane, having sweet dreams of simpler times. Cheers!

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